Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking & Listening for HIS Will

I don't really know how to start this, so I'll just start at the beginning. I apologize in advance if I get lengthy.

In May of this year, David and I moved into our home. We've been married six years and this was "our" first home. We have rented up until this point. We had prayed for most of our marriage for the Lord to make a way for us to be able to buy our own home. Well, after six years, it was finally time. We have a precious older brick home out in the country on 5.8 acres. It's beautiful. The house was built in the '70s but has been very well maintained. It's just what we had prayed for. Enough room for our growing family and plenty of yard for the boys to play and have animals. (Although all we have right now is two dogs, Wrangler & Daisey)

Our property, other than the location of the house, is completely cleared. Therefore, we have a little less than 5.8 acres that must be kept up so that it doesn't look "thrown away" We want a clean yard. So, we have been praying for the Lord to work things out for us to purchase a small tractor with a bush hog. Well, thanks to the handy-dandy Internet, we found a used tractor with attachments, including a bush hog. We went and checked it out. Actually, David made two trips to drive and test it. There were a couple of issues that brought a little concern. One thing was some pins between the two front tires were wore out and needed replacing, and also, the bush hog wasn't working. David thought he might could fix the bush hog, but if not, maybe the seller would knock some off the price because of these issues and we could just buy a new bush hog. We started praying that if it was the Lord's will that the guy would accept exactly what we offered.

Well, we went to the bank to take out a loan, because we don't have thousands just sitting around waiting to be spent. Everything at the bank worked out and we were able to get a loan for the entire amount that the seller was asking. David and I took time off work yesterday to go down and hopefully bring the tractor home. I can honestly say I was not prepared for what happened when we got to the location of the tractor.

I remained quiet, because I am not a wheeler and dealer. Well David isn't either, but he is better at this sort of thing that I am. David started talking with the man about the issues we were concerned about and offered him what we had decided to give for the tractor. The man looked at us like we were crazy. Now, my husband is very knowledgeable about farming and all that goes with it, so he knew what he was talking about when it came to this tractor and what it is worth. David made his offer which was very good considering we were still going to have to work on the front end much less the fact the bush hog issue.

The man practically threw us off his property. He told us that he was highly offended that we would even offer such a price and that we would be wise to get right back in our truck and go back home. David told him we had cash and were prepared to pay him what we had offered. He basically yelled at us for "offending" him and told us to go get back in our truck and drive north. So, that's what we did.

I was in shock. Like I said before, I was not prepared for what happened. I've never been thrown off someones property before. It's not at all what I expected it would be. LOL! Well, on the way home we were talking about it...obviously...what else do you talk about?!?!?! I told David that I was so glad that God showed us even through that, that it wasn't His will for us to have that tractor.

You know He could have showed us differently if He wanted to. He could have done it at the bank. We could have easily been denied the loan. How embarrassing would that be! But He chose otherwise. He chose for us to been thrown off a very rude man's property. HA!

Thank you Lord for showing yourself to me. Thank you for the humor I have found in this. I'm so glad you are in charge and I am not.

Have you ever had a situation that God showed you His will in a unique way? Tell me about it!


  1. I am so glad that you saw God's will in this situation, keep laughing sweetie.

  2. Yeah -- for a job. I did not want to return from Jordan to a job offer in the USA. I ended up having my contract in Jordan torn up in my face. I found several other jobs. All of them disappeared -- no money available, the offeror moved on suddenly, etc. So, I ended up taking the job I have now. I think I know why God wants me in it. However, I was enticed to look elsewhere for something I considered an ethical conflict and also for more money. I applied. I was interviewed. The job I was interviewed for disappeared -- the board decided that they did not have the money to fill it at that time. Then, a priest came to my door (one I had discussed the ethical issue with) with a newspaper article related to the ethical issue and told me that he thought I was in the right place to be doing something about the issue -- and he did not know that I had decided to apply for other jobs. Finally, my boss, who heard I was looking elsewhere, came to me and offered me a 25% raise. I FINALLY got the message. God wants me in this job! (I tend to be a little dense at times!)

  3. Amen...it's always better when we let the Lord be in charge...

    Several years ago I was trying to help my mom deal with a situation with my grandparents (her dad and stepmom). We planned and wrote lists and made phone calls and nearly drove ourselves crazy trying to fix things...we had many dead ends and nothing seemed to be working. Finally we just had to step back, and the Lord just layed everything in place to have the situation work out perfectly. It may not sound really unique, but the way things came together amazed us.

  4. Sweetie, I have too many to choose one but I thank GOD for giving you and your husband clarity in the situation. He makes sure to get our attention and keep us from making the wrong move and at times he does use unique ways to do that.

    I'm sorry you went through the experience however, it's always a great opportunity to glean from what we've gone through. Greater faith is what it creates.

    I love you.

  5. Hey Sugar, had you on my heart today. Love you.

  6. Darlin'...He will never fail to show up and direct you....as long as He's invited along.

    I love you with all my heart.