Saturday, October 24, 2009

Expect a new post soon! This was a life-changing weekend for me! If you didn't get to come, I'm so sorry! You were missed!

Ms. Karen, thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangements! You are so sweet!

Ms. Denise, Thank you for the sweet cards! You are precious!

Everyone else that contributed to the weekend and wasn't able to make it, THANK YOU! You were greatly missed!

God is so good! He is AWESOME!!!

I love you all!!!


  1. Thanks for touching my heart with your very kind words. I missed not being there, so glad you were blessed sweetie. I love you.

  2. Amen...He is so good and so awesome! Glad you liked the flowers and enjoyed such a great time of fellowship and praise....

  3. I love you Sweetie. I so enjoyed seeing you and thanks for loving on me while I was there. You are a special niece.

    GOD is faithful!

  4. Weezie! How in the world did we not get to spend any time together?! Your Auntie Lisa just kept you to herself! LOL

    You are loved sweet one.