Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do NOT fear…

I am a dreamer.  Every morning I wake up from a dream of some sort.  Some are strange dreams, some are scary, and some are realistic.  Thursday morning I woke up crying from a very strange, scary and very real dream.  I’ve never had a dream that felt so real.  My whole body was racking and shaking as I sobbed.  I cried all morning while trying to get ready for work and I cried most of the day at work.  I’ve never had a dream that effected me so much.  Here it is…

The first thing I remember about my dream is that my family was all around.  Family that I haven’t seem since I was a little girl.  Everyone was there.  I was sick.  Not only was I sick, but I was dying.  My funeral was being planned around me.  Things were being lined up for when I passed.  Everyone was waiting for me to die.  Family members were taking turns telling me how much they loved me and telling me “good-bye”.  I was also telling everyone that I loved them.  I remember time was getting close.  Some men brought in a casket and opened it and were preparing it for when it was time to put me in.  I remember my breath becoming short.  It was harder and harder to draw a deep breath.  And finally I was only panting.  I remember telling everyone around me that I needed to lay down, and that it was almost time.  I was not scared in my dream.  It seemed that I was at peace and so was everyone else.  Some were crying, but it was not tears of sorrow.  I remember laying down and my breath grew even  shorter.  I looked over to my Grandleria and said, “It’s my time to give up the ghost”. 

Then I woke up.

Just to simply say that I cried when I woke up would be a complete understatement.  I sobbed much like my three year old son does when he is scared.  I believe my husband was scared too.  He’s never seen me cry like that.  I don’t think I’ve cried like that since I was a child. 

So my day was very emotional.  I couldn’t do anything for thinking about my dream and then I would start crying all over again.  I was not scared of dying.  I know where I’ll go when it’s my time.  I had so many feelings going on inside me I didn’t know what to do.

Well, I called mother.  Thank God for my mother.  I asked mother if she could interpret my dream…as if she is an interpreter.  She said she didn’t know what it meant but she gave me the following scripture which helped me .:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10

So whatever you are going through, Do not fear.  God is with you.  He will not leave nor forsake you.  It may seem like you are drowning.  It may seem like the fire is getting hotter.  It may seem like the walls are getting higher.  He’s still there and He cares for you.  Do not fear, for He is with you.  He will strengthen you and help you.  He will uphold you.  Do not be dismayed for He is your God.  You are His child and He loves you!



  1. Sweetie, I'm praying for you AND that was the perfect Scripture your Mother gave to minister to your heart.

    I will tell you that more than once in my life I have had a very similar dream. Different scenario but my celebration of life service was being planned around me as I was preparing to say goodbye for now. The LORD ministered to my heart each time that when Abba calls me and only when He calls me is when it will be my time. Until then, when the dreams come I pray and release them to the LORD and keep about my Father's business.

    Love you dearly.

  2. Amen! He goes before, and beside us, and outstreches His hand. Read Psalm 91 before you go to sleep!

  3. Start praying over your dreams before going to sleep sweetie. Be comforted. Blessings to you and your dear mom. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers.

  4. That is a powerful scripture your mom shared with you...once she sent me a card with that same scripture written on a little note card...well, it came at just the right time...and later that day I was able to share the note card with my son who needed to read that blessed promise, too....

  5. Wow! That last paragraph is powerful! That was an awful dream but it inspired some great writing!

  6. Hey sweetie! Dreams are amazing things. I've never experienced this sort, but I can tell you that God can use these nighttime (and daytime!)visions to get our attention. He has often gotten mine this way.
    As for the drama that you experienced... there will be a day when we all come to that place should Jesus tarry His coming. The fact that you experienced peace in such a situation and that you knew the love of all those around you says a lot to me. Sweetie, He is our peace and He is love.... evidently you know Him much more than you realize and He stands ready to take you on whatever journey each day brings. He holds your hand and is going to show you great days of victory before you come to that final journey. Do not be afraid, He is the God Who Is Present! At all times, in all ways, in every situation of life...

    Be blessed, April!
    'Aunt' Susan

  7. Baby girl.
    I remember clearly that morning you called. I also remember telling you that sometimes the LORD prompts us through dreams or whatever to step-it-up a notch. Our faith--our sharing of HIS love--our testimony.
    We none know the day or hour that HE will come, neither do we know the day or hour HE will CALL us home...what He has assigned us all to do...we must do daily---with all the power within us...the POWER that comes from HIM.
    Share it. Tell it. LIVE it before others!

    I love you and your heart for Jesus is amazing! We will go home one day...and what a reunion that will BE!

    Love, Mama

  8. Wow - what a powerful dream. I don't remember ever dreaming of my death...I am glad that your mom shared this wonderful, powerful passage of Isaiah with you.

    Blessings to you and yours...