Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy Homecoming Aunt's snowing!



  1. Just popping in on you sweetie. I'm going to be taking some much needed time off blogs and emails to do some other things in the LORD so I'm visiting to pass my love to you.

  2. You are in the TOP 100 at Internet Cafe Devotions! Congratulations!

    Every year Internet Café Devotions hosts Blessed Aroma, a call out to blog readers to nominate their favorite blogs, in specific categories, written by Christian Women. Those with the most nominations are compiled into a list that gives us the TOP 100 Christian Women’s blogs each year.

    Your blog was chosen this year in the category of: “All New Flavor Blog”. We hope this blesses you as much as you have blessed others!

    Thanks for all that you do in your online ministry. Have an amazing day!

  3. Blessings April...You don't know me...and I don't visit often enough but the time I did really blessed me...enough to remember you when it was time to nominate for top 100! And you are! So CONGRATULATIONS! I know your Wanda & Angie but I felt anyone Called 2 Worship deserves to have recognition and this place is a blessing. I pray you & this place minister to many!

  4. So blessed by your blog and I'm following you now!!

    Hope you'll stop my place for a visit sometime!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Hi April, My name is Sue, I want to congratulate you on winning your Blessed Aroma Award.
    Blessings, Sue

  6. Beautiful niece, came by to say congratulations on the Top 100 Internet Cafe Devotions. Missing you and your blog sharing. Love and prayers.

  7. Bless your sweet heart...

    Great pictures!

  8. Hello, my name is Ron and I am a
    Christian blogger.

    I enjoyed looking over your blog.
    And you are more than welcome
    to visit my mine.
    ronj1946 at gmail dot com

    If I've posted this to your blog before
    please forgive me, sometimes it ain't
    so easy being an Old Geezer.

    God Bless You

  9. Sweet girl---that is a very sweet post! Happy Homecoming indeed! I love your little snow man!!!

    AND I love you!

  10. Thinking of you and praying for you...