Monday, June 15, 2009

Testimony Part Three


... When I went to meet with Pastor Dallas, I was really nervous and maybe a little anxious because I didn’t know exactly what he would say, if anything.

I started from the very beginning. I told him when I first felt the call all the way up until the night before during the service. At times (not always), Pastor can be easy to read, and by the smile on his face, I could tell that he was pleased with what I had to say. I expressed to him my fears and the things that had held me back. Mainly, lack of knowledge and experience. Well, he assured me that if God had called me that He would equip me in whatever way needed.

When I left Pastor’s office, I was on cloud nine and I stayed that way for the next few months. Pastor ordered me a book about worship for me to study. I started selecting all the songs to be sung during the morning and evening services. I even started leading the worship services occasionally on Sunday nights. Pastor said he wanted to ease me into the position. He didn’t want to through me in and me wind up getting overwhelmed. I liked the thought of that. I wasn’t so nervous anymore. Not about the position anyway. I was still really nervous every time I picked up a microphone.

Things were going great or so I thought until one Wednesday night after service, Pastor called me and the pianist (who happens to be my mom-in-law) into a Sunday school room for a private meeting. He informed us that the church would be voting the following week to hire a part time Music Minister. But it wasn’t me. I was stunned…shocked…shaken…confused…etc. What did I do wrong?? Was I not doing a good job? I didn’t think so. I always prayed about the songs I selected and to be quite honest, we were having awesome worship services. I prayed and sought God every week on what He would have us to sing. If I didn’t feel a peace about a certain song I had jotted down, we didn’t sing it. I thought I was doing everything right. What was the problem? Well then Pastor explained that the person they wanted to hire would be there to teach me and help me learn and grow. Okay…I can deal with this. But hire him?!?!? When I’m willing to do it for free??!?!! I didn’t know what to think.

Well the church voted the guy in and by this time I was beginning to be okay with it. I had prayed about it and I had accepted it. After all, I was pregnant again and would be taking time off from the choir/music anyway due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to breathe deep enough let alone lead the music.

So time rocked on and after only 5 months, the guy the church hired to be Music Minister resigned. He said that he and his family felt lead to be Senior Pastors elsewhere. So that left me a little stung. I had already stepped down for a break from choir until after I had the baby. I knew I couldn’t lead the worship, I could barely breathe just carrying on a normal conversation, not to mention sing. (At this time I was 8 months pregnant) So Pastor lead some and another man in the church lead some. And that’s the way it stayed for several months.

Until one day… To be continued...again...

Okay ladies, this is the last time I'll keep you waiting to hear the rest. The next "testimony post" will be the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.

Let me say thank you again to everyone for all the wonderful comments I've been getting. I really appreciate the encouragement you all give. You all really bless my heart. Also... please note that "the guy" I'm referring to is an awesome man of God. I've known he and his wife for several years. I do not nor have I ever had any hard feelings against him. (I just want to make that clear :-) )


  1. I love reading your story sweetie.

  2. Still enjoying this...I know many times I have wondered what I did wrong in certain situations when things didn't go the way I thought the Lord was taking them...but His ways are way higher than mine and always after the fact I would see His great wisdom in arranging things the way He did...God is so good....

  3. I love the way you leave us hanging!! Keep it coming! God is good.

  4. Just read this last part. I come from your mom's website. I just love your mom to pieces. When I saw your comment on her blog about the hilarious video, I just had to come see what her baby girl was all about.

    I'll be back to read the finale. I hate cliff-hangers by the way.

  5. Praise the LORD Weezie! I have enjoyed every post and I'm hanging on for the rest of the blessing...I hope it's before I go on vacation but if not then you'll see me when I'm back on line.

    God has His hand on your life FULLY and I know you know that so your testimony can only end in HIS GLORY!! Hallelujah!

    I love ya already girl! Blessings and peace!

  6. Weezie darlin---I am so proud of you for what I see God doing....He is growing your spirit. In ways you don't even see yet!

    I know you love the "brother" and his family---just like I do! I can still see him as a high school studen sittin' in my office at lunch with a few more that wanted a place of freedom to talk...about Jesus! and then he grew up!

    I love you my darlin!