Friday, June 12, 2009

Testimony Part Two

Continued from Testimony Part One

A day or so later I was having lunch with Tammy. We were talking about all sorts of things and what do you know if the subject of our Music Department came up in the conversation. So, I let her in on my struggle. I asked her to pray about it. She promised that she would. And in the days to follow, I knew that she did.
This very week, we were having revival at our church. Randy Ruiz from California (I think) was preaching. Our pastor had told us how he met him in an airport waiting for a flight to land, or take off (I can’t remember). Anyway, Pastor said that there was just something about him that made him want to learn about him. So here we are now with this preacher from the airport in revival. To say that he was/is anointed is an understatement. The services were awesome!!! This is the time in my life when I felt the presence of God more real than ever before. It was the second night of the revival and time for the preaching to come to a close. It was as if the Precious Holy Spirit softly, quietly came through the back doors of the church and swept over the congregation. There was a hush across the sanctuary. Brother Ruiz began his alter call. All heads were bowed, eyes closed.
I was sitting alone (David was at work) on "our pew" with my head resting on my arms on the back of the pew in front of me. I was quietly praying. Then right in the middle of the alter call Bro. Ruiz stopped speaking very suddenly. He came across the church right to where I was sitting and placed his hand upon my head and began praying for me and speaking to me. I don’t remember all that he said, but I do remember the most important thing. He said "In the name of Jesus, let the fear and the doubt be released". He called our Pastor’s wife, Pam, to come and begin praying for fear and doubt to be released. Another lady in our church joined Pam and started praying "Lord she’s able and willing, if you will equip her". HELLO… is this not the reason I had been pushing this call away so hard? Because I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to do these things??? I just had myself a time in the Lord that night. Never in my life has the Holy Spirit been so real to me than that night.
Needless to say, I scheduled a meeting with the Pastor for the very next day. ...To be continued again...
Sorry, I can only do so much at the time. My boys require much of my attention.

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  1. Praise God, this is such good stuff. Looking forward to more.

  2. Enjoying this testimony...

    Don't you just love it when God moves in such obvious ways?

  3. I love hearing this again...I KNOW the LORD has HIS hand on your life my dear girl.

    You will bless many with your obedience, you will lead many hearts and lives to look to HIM.

    I love you.

  4. my dearest weezie what a great post,you are without a doubt one of my great blessing from god.i love you with all my heart. dad

  5. Thank you all for the nice comments. I needed it.

    And thank you Daddy. I feel the same way about you! I'm so proud YOU are MY Daddy! I love you!

  6. You are like your mom! She keeps you hanging with her stories/testimony. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  7. Weezie, I'm SO glad to finally know you through your blog! I can't wait to come back and read some more.

    I hope I'm gonna get to hug your neck at the retreat... yippie!


  8. Hi precious Weezie, I'm so glad I returned for part 2 and find that you also have part 3 :) O boy am I blessed in reading how the Holy Spirit moved upon your life and the story continues....